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save $$, go green, use rechargeable batteries – Eneloop

since my son was born, there has become an increased number of items and toys around the house that needs batteries. Some toys drain batteries really fast and the cost of buying batteries just shoots to the roof.

So, I then discovered Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries. They are rechargeable batteries that comes in standard sizes, AA, AAA, C & D. These little wonders are different from the usual NI-CD, Mi-NH in the sense that they hold their charge for very very long time. A typical old school rechargeable will lose it’s charge in a matter of a few weeks and you’ll have to keep charging them very often.

The Eneloop series only lose about 10-20% of the charge A YEAR if kept on the shelf. This means that you can have a bunch of batteries kept away, and when you need them just take them out and start using. This vs having to charge them up first before use.

Also with their ability to hold charge, it means fewer recharge cycles and longer run time per usage. Now, for most of my household needs, I use only Eneloop batteries. Though each cell costs much more than a regular Alkaline battery, but over it’s life span it take the place of hundreds of batteries I’ll never need to buy again. All it costs me is 15mins and a few cents of electricty to charge up a set of 4 AA/AAA Eneloops! (a 15mins quick charger will be required)

In Singapore, the shop I’ve found with the best prices for Eneloop products is onlineshop.com.sg. That’s where I’ve ordered most of my Eneloop batteries. The even better news, the more you buy in each order, the cheaper the unit price of the product is.

For this holiday season, I’d recommend pairing up your new gadgets with Eneloop rechargebles.