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Earn US$500 per month with Deeper Network

This post was first released in Jan 2022, when the DPR token price was at US$0.10.

Deeper Network is an interesting decentralized VPN solution. Instead of being tied to a VPN provider, every running Deeper Network device, can essentially be a VPN end point. As a user, you’d just need to pick the country you want to be virtually in, and surf away.

It’s a cool solution to use if say you want to watch specific streaming programs only available in a different country.

My primary interest with Deeper Network is crypto mining. We earn a fixed rate of tokens daily just by leaving the device running. From the view of earning consistency DPR would be the best I’ve experienced.

This is what you’ve got to do to get started.

  1. Purchase a Deeper Connect device. There’s currently an Indiegogo campaign and you can order a Deeper Connect Pico. If you appreciate what I’m sharing, consider buying a Deeper Network unit with my referral link
  2. You can have multiple devices, but they must be on different network. E.g. a typical household only has one Internet connection, so we can only have one. But if you have multiple locations and multiple connections, you can set up 1 device per location.
  3. To earn, you need to buy some DPR tokens and stake them. This part is necessary, and your ROI depends on how much you stake. As of this writing, DPR is about US$0.10 each, so if we stake the max of 101,000 DPR, it costs US$10,100. Sounds like a lot, but the earning rate of 60% per year is fantastic! Best part, you get paid out every day!

I have started my journey since Dec 2021, and am seeing the returns for the 2 units I have. This is real stuff, and am quite pleased with how things are going.

Yes, there are some caveats, like staking means locking away the stake for 9 months. Looking at the rate of return, it’s quite worth it. As with any investment, there’s always risk. Seeing how DPR had gone up before, with token price at about US$0.10, it’s a reasonable entry point.

Have a read more into Deeper Network, I’ll share some links here. If there’s some up take from my referral, I’ll be happy to share more and what’s my strategy. (Hint: I didn’t stake 100k DPR). Leave me a comment if you’d like to find out more.

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