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IOS Game – GLWG (Great Little War Game) – 5 Js

GLWG! Came across this really fun turn based strategy game 2 days ago. The iPhone version was going for free, and the iPad (HD) version was $0.99. I bought both!

Did I say this is a War Game?

It’s turned base; you make your moves, then the AI moves. Each of your units get to move and attack (if in range) every turn. There are some advantages you gain from going on to high ground, or travel further by riding in a vehicle.

When you attack, the opponent automatically retaliates, if it survives.

Very addictive! Check it out!

Excellent PDF Reader for the iPad

I’ve been working on deploying several large VMware environment lately. What has been very helpful to me is my iPad equipped with PDF Expert [iTunes].

It was one of the first few apps I bought on my iPad, and it is one of my best investments.

It supports PDF (duh), docx, xlsx, and more. But I primarily use it to refer to PDF documents. What’s really good about it is beyond fundamental book reader (for that, iBooks will do just fine).

It’s the ability to be able to annotate the pdf document… e.g. highlight, underline, strikeout, notes, add text and more. I can make corrections to the document, so that when I get back to my PC, I have an easy reference. Bookmarks are automatically placed when I annotate, so it’s easy for me to search later on.

What’s also cool is the ability for the app to send out the corrected pdf with either the annotations all flattened on to the doc, or still kept separate.

This app to me allows me to completely replace PDF print outs and scribbling corrections.

To up the ante, a recent update (can’t remember when), there has been new integration which allows you to connect to multiple DropBox accounts to download, and even sync!

I do recommend it to anyone looking for a tool that does this.

My current router pick Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH

I’ve recently discovered the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. It’s a broadband router that is positioned in the high performance category. What got me started was the search for a wireless-N replacement to my long time favorite the Linksys WRT54GL.

I narrowed the search down to the Asus RT-N16 which I’ve tried and then this Buffalo unit. I now like the Buffalo a lot more, as the native firmware is feature packed and has a built in PPTP VPN server.

All the LAN & WAN ports are gigabit Ethernet, and can support Jumbo frames. Wireless is only single band 2.4GHz supporting b/g/n.

The router is nice and stable, and definitely has a good enough processor for all the current demands of home networking.

I haven’t done much performance testing for the wireless and wired throughput, but I can tell it’s much faster than my trusted old WRT54GL.

The other big advantage to me is that this router is supported by DD-WRT. in fact, in the US, there is even a Buffalo version of the DD-WRT for this unit. Probably still the only router out there with an OEM version of DD-WRT.

Price wise, it is very well priced. We can easily find it in the shops here in Singapore for about S$139. During the quarterly PC Shows here, I’ve seen the router to be available for a very good S$89.

I will definitely recommend this router to anyone looking to upgrade from an older wireless-G router. Performance is great and it is very nicely priced.

IOS App – Song Exporter Pro

Song Exporter Pro showed up in my list of top free apps on the weekend of 30th April 2011. It’s a very neat tool which allows someone to share or “export” the music off the iPod library in the iPhone. (I think it will also work with iPod Touch and iPad, but haven’t tested it).

This is the answer a question I get frequently. How can we copy music from an iPhone to a computer. It used to be never, unless you use some specialized tools to do it. Now, it’s very easy, lauch Song Exporter Pro, select the songs you want to share, and connect to Wifi. Then, go to the computer you want to copy the music to, open the browser and point it to the IP address of the iPhone (it will be listed in the app). You’ll be presented with a nice web page that allows you to easily download the songs.

This is a nice handy tool which allows you to transfer your songs easily to your other computers direct from the iPhone.