My current router pick Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH

I’ve recently discovered the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH. It’s a broadband router that is positioned in the high performance category. What got me started was the search for a wireless-N replacement to my long time favorite the Linksys WRT54GL.

I narrowed the search down to the Asus RT-N16 which I’ve tried and then this Buffalo unit. I now like the Buffalo a lot more, as the native firmware is feature packed and has a built in PPTP VPN server.

All the LAN & WAN ports are gigabit Ethernet, and can support Jumbo frames. Wireless is only single band 2.4GHz supporting b/g/n.

The router is nice and stable, and definitely has a good enough processor for all the current demands of home networking.

I haven’t done much performance testing for the wireless and wired throughput, but I can tell it’s much faster than my trusted old WRT54GL.

The other big advantage to me is that this router is supported by DD-WRT. in fact, in the US, there is even a Buffalo version of the DD-WRT for this unit. Probably still the only router out there with an OEM version of DD-WRT.

Price wise, it is very well priced. We can easily find it in the shops here in Singapore for about S$139. During the quarterly PC Shows here, I’ve seen the router to be available for a very good S$89.

I will definitely recommend this router to anyone looking to upgrade from an older wireless-G router. Performance is great and it is very nicely priced.

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