[driving tip] don’t stop in the yellow box

maybe I’ll start a chain of posts devoted to better driving… (or just my cover up of my rants about hopeless drivers on the road)

Let’s start by my strong believe that there are no such thing as “woman driver”. I am not gender biased, and a firm believer that there are bad male and female drivers. There has been too many instances where we think “oh… another woman driver”, and it turns out to be a guy. I know many ladies who drives well, and even better than some guys I know.

So, this morning, I had an encounter with a less-than-experienced driver. Just so happens the driver is female.

I was waiting at the light on New Bridge Road, waiting for the green to allow the approach to make a right into Merchant Road. So, it was currently green for the Merchant Road traffic and there was a line forming a right turn from Merchant Road to New Bridge Road. At the end of the line, a fairly new Honda Jazz/Fit. Since the traffic ahead on New Bridge Road was jammed up, everyone was stuck in the yellow box.

So, the light went red for them, but further down, the cars started to clear ahead. The column of cars right turning into New Bridge Road cleared, except that Honda Jazz. The lady was lost on what to do and just stayed right there in the middle of the junction. Blocking 2 lanes of incoming traffic from Eu Tong Sen street. Traffic started to go around her, but it held things up a little.

Finally, incoming traffic cleared and she reversed back to Merchant Road.

What should have been most appropriate in the first place, before she advanced into the junction was to wait behind. This is according to the basic theory rules. Never advance into a yellow box if you may end up blocking traffic. So, maybe for some reason she missed that.

Alright, so she moved into the junction to join the queue of cars to make the right into New Bridge Road. The next best thing she should have done was to follow closely the column of cars ahead of her when they moved off. Instead she froze on the spot and created chaos.

So, tip of the day… if you are already out and sitting in the yellow box, keep moving when you can safely do so.

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