My first impressions with the Samson Satellite microphone

I recently (Apr 2020) bought the Samson Satellite to record voice overs for the technology videos I’m creating for work. It was during the 2020 COVID-19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore, thankfully CityMusic online shop was still operating and they processed the online order promptly. The courier took a few days to deliver the mic, as it was expected due to overheads during the Circuit Breaker period. Product was received in good condition, thumbs up for the online shop!

Samson_SatelliteThe mic has a sturdy build. Feels solid with the all metal body, and has a good weight. The mic is not self powered, and draws power from the device it is connected with. I tested it with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, with the native Voice Recorder and Camera apps. Recording was clear and sounded excellent. The iPhone was able to use the Satellite as both for input and output. To listen, plug your headphones to the monitor jack on the Satellite.

Next, I tested on my MacBook Pro. As the included cable is USB-A to micro USB, I had to use an USB-A to USB-C convertor. Similar to the iPhone, the MacBook detected the Satellite for both input and output device, and it works just the same. Of course, being on OSX, I have the choice to pick different input and output devices. I tested the Mic recording with iMovie and Quicktime. Both worked really well. iMovie is the primary reason why I bought the Satellite. iMovie does not natively work with AirPods as an input source.

Here is a quick test recording that I did using my iPhone that’s connected to the Samson Satellite with the included microUSB to lightning cable.

I’m totally happy with the Samson Satellite, and I expect to be using it with all my recordings.

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