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How to check Deeper Connect reward count?

Welcome to the post. You are reading this, perhaps you are someone who has invested in a Deeper Network device (e.g. the Mini or Pico), and has staked $DPR for rewards. Few common things that comes to mind is, how many more days left before the 9 months end and how much more rewards you may receive.

Those are exactly some of the questions I had, and am sharing with you the answers I found.

This post was originally written on 28th May 2022, a couple of days after AtomOS 1.1.16 was released.

Deeperscan.io reflects the truth

The most important resource you need is the website https://deeperscan.io/deeper. It is like other blockchain explorers but this is specifically organized for you to be able to check on your Deeper chain activities transactions. All you need is your Deeper Chain Wallet address, that long string of letters and numbers.

  • let’s start by getting your Deeper Chain wallet address. You can find it in your Deeper device’s Wallet Manager page.
  • Once you open up Wallet Manager, you’ll see the Wallet Address on the top of the page, go ahead to select and copy the whole string.
  • Next, lets use your preferred browser and hit the URL https://deeperscan.io/deeper
  • On the main page, paste your wallet address and hit search

Here you’ll see the details about your wallet.

  1. Current balance in your wallet.
  2. Indicate that you have indeed staked, beyond the first 1000 DPR.
  3. The current credit level.
  4. How many rewards have been paid out.

For those on v1 of the Basic Mining program the staking period is 9 months, which is actually 270 days. As such, the total number of rewards is 270. My example above has Reward Count of 8, means there is still 262 more rewards to be issued.

Other useful tabs in the Wallet Summary page

There are 5 tabs, Transactions, Balance transfers, Roles, Balance history & Credit history. I find the last 2 particularly useful to track if there were any missed rewards.

In the Balance history tab, there is a nice historical chart of the DPR balance in the wallet. You’ll get an idea if the earnings have been coming in with a quick glance. Or if you have made any withdrawals, it will also appear.

In the Credit history tab, it gives the date and time credit has been awarded or deducted. Here is a good example on how the credit score looks like when we start with the basic staking of 1000 DPR, just to get the device on to the blockchain. I had done that on the 14th Apr. Then on the 20th May, I added a 5000 DPR stake, immediately adding another 100 credit score. However you’ll notice that the credit score on that day became 121, that is just so happen that I had also earned 1 credit score from 18th to the 20th. Hence the credit increased from 20 to 121 in one go.

Further to that, I upgraded my Pico on the 26th May to 1.1.16, and since that day, I’ve been making 1 credit every day. Prior to that version, the devices are awarded 1 credit every 2 days. Great!! Now we half the time needed to organically take the devices up a tier in earnings. Used to take 200 days, now it is 100 days.

Can we stake more along the way?

A few other common questions that came up, and I’ve found the answers to.

  1. Can we increase our stake after our initial stake?
    • Yes!! I’ve done this myself, and the credit score will immediately increase.
  2. When does the reward count start?
    • When we stake the first 1000 DPR, the Reward count remains 0. Which is rightfully so, because we are not getting DPR rewards at that level.
    • Once we increase our stake to 100, and $DPR is rewarded daily, that is when the Reward count begins to increment. That’s when the 9 months count down begins.
  3. When we increase our stake, will Reward count reset to 0?
    • No, it just keeps going.
    • I’ve seen it for myself with my Mini.
    • In other words, it does not reset the 9 months staking timer.
    • e.g. you staked 10,000 DPR on 1st Jan, 270 days later is 28th Sep. If you increased stake to 20,000 DPR on 1st Mar, the end date is still 28th Sep.

Wrapping up…

I hope you find this post useful. Especially to aid you in planning your stakes. Do be aware that v2 Basic Mining is about to kick in, reportedly on 1st June 2022. Rules are going to change, and rewards are expected to change every 3 months, depending on conditions.

If you are considering starting or getting more devices and appreciate what I’m sharing here, please support me by using the referral link to make your purchase.