HDMI to VGA/RCA cables? *beware* I don’t think they work

was just on ebay looking for some cheap alternatives to buy HDMI cables… found some, quality was questionable… then I stumbled upon some people selling “HDMI to VGA/RCA” cables.

I was surprised for a moment. How’s that possible??

I should state that, it sure is possible to fabricate such a cable. It’s easy to just take any wire and put any sort of connectors at both ends. But watch out!! They are likely not to work.

The engineer in me knows that HDMI and VGA/RCA connections carry completely different type of signals. HDMI is pure digital and VGA/RCA are pure analog. There’s no way you can just take a cable, hook up the components and they will work.

For a start, if your equipment doesn’t get fried, you should already be lucky!

In reality, what you really need is a coverter box. A dedicated piece of equipment that converts HDMI signals to RCA or VGA.

So, be warned, don’t get suckered by simple cables that appear to do the trick. No such thing!!

3 thoughts on “HDMI to VGA/RCA cables? *beware* I don’t think they work

  1. Siva

    Hi there! Thank you for the info. But in some cases where I bought a Samsung Smart TV, it came with a 10cm long HDMI male to RCA female. Have not tried but it also doubts me with your discovery and my suspicion…

    1. Jason Post author

      Hi Siva, this is a little different for your case. It is possible that the Samsung TV has a specially designed HDMI port which when coupled with the cable it came bundled with to accept the analog signals. This is very different as the TV is likely to be specially designed to handle it. This also means that the 10cm cable you have is likely not to work on any other TVs which have HDMI ports. It could very well only work with a certain port on your TV also, check the manuals i’ll bet that there’s only 1 of the HDMI ports on your TV will work with that cable.


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