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a new year, a new business

We’ve come to the point that we really need to boost our income some what to pay for the hefty medical bills that has crept up on us.

With the uncertainty of my current job pending the closing of one of the most watched IT acquisitions in history, a backup plan is really necessary.

So, we have ventured into the cake business and we’ll keep it small, for now. We’ll make do with all the little spare time we have in our hands.

Keeping it simple, we only have 1 choice of cake, that is the Devil Chocolate Cake!! Trying to stay fair and unbaised, this is really one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had, and certainly the best in it’s class.

So, support us, check out the blog for HunnyBunchNCo, and you can place your order there =)

From one chocolate fan to another, this more than just a “MUST TRY!”

To everyone out there, have a happy 2010!!